How to program your Mazda 626's Keyless Remote
November 20, 2003

 Keywords: Mazda, 626, remote control, keyless entry, programming

Here are the instructions for programming remote controls for the Mazda installed keyless entry system on a 2002 Mazda 626. The remotes used here are model: GD7D-675DY.

Warning: proceed at your own risk!!! This might or might not work for you as you may have a different type of vehicle or keyless remote entry. In no case do I take any responsibility as to the outcome of using these instructions on your vehicle! If you decide to try this on your car you are on your own! Another important comment is that this procedure does not apply to keys that have built-in transponders. This only applies to remote keyless entry!

Note: Before you start this procedure make sure you have all the remotes for the vehicle with you and program them all!

  1.    Open driver's door and leave open.
  2.    Insert the key into the switch and turn to ON and OFF position three times. Note: turn to the ON and not the ACC position!
  3.    Take key out of the ignition.
  4.    Press the driver's door ajar push-button three times. This button is located on the center pillar between the driver's door and the rear door. It is on the bottom part of the pillar and is pointing out.
  5.    Press any button on the first remote. After several seconds, the dashboard buzzer will beep.
  6.    Repeat step #5 for all the other remotes.
  7.    When you are done, shut the door. The car will beep several times.
  8.    You are done. Test all remotes to make sure they work!
Based on my research, most Mazda's are the same. If this doesn't work for you, keep looking on the Internet, as your vehicle might need a
different variation of this procedure.

A great source for programming remotes is:

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