The Minolta RC-3 Remote
October, 2003

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Minolta RC-3 Remote
Minolta RC-3 Remote, part number 8782-100


If you own a Minolta digital camera that supports the RC-3 Infra Red remote control and you want to purchase one, you might come across two
different models:

Both have the same model number, both look exactly the same, but the (8782-100) is about half the cost of the (8782-107)!

Since I own a Minolta Dimage S414 digital camera, I decided to call Minolta's technical support and ask. The tech support person looked it
up, and told me he can't even find an RC-3 remote control with part number 8782-100. The only remote he found was RC-3 part number 8782-107.

Based on that, I think that initially when Minolta came out with the RC-3 remote, they only had two cameras supported, the S304 and the E201.
Later they started adding the same feature in the newer Dimage models.

Since the original remote was sold as supporting only two models, they had to release a "new" RC-3 to support all the cameras. The new one has
part number 8782-107 and not surprisingly, looks exactly the same as the "old" RC-3. As a matter of fact, when I purchased the RC-3 remote, I
looked for a part number on it, and could not find anything!

So, the bottom line is that I purchased a brand new RC-3 part number 8782-100 and it works great with my Dimage S414 and I paid about half of
what I would pay for the current model.

Another interesting feature is that I downloaded a piece of software for my Handspring Visor called UniRemote. It is a couch-potato software
designed to turn your favorite PDA into a learning IR remote. I used the RC-3 to train the UniRemote, and I can now use my PDA to snap
photographs as well! This is very convenient for me at work.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is based on my personal consumer experience. My reasoning and conclusions might be faulty, incorrect and
plain wrong. I do not work for Minolta, nor am I associated with them in any way. I am just a consumer which purchased one of their products and
wanted to share a money saving tip with others like me. I do not, and will not accept responsibility for the outcome of any purchase you make
based on my conclusions!

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